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Rugby League - NRL - Round 2
Wests Tigers 1.73
New Zealand Warriors 2.14
Australian Rules - AFL - Round 1
Fremantle 2.14
North Melbourne 1.73
Ice Hockey - Russian MHL
Tolpar 2.09
Draw 3.75
Avto 3.10
Cricket - IPL
3h 23m
Kolkata Knight Riders 1.77
Sunrisers Hyderabad 2.04
Soccer - Spanish Segunda Division
3h 53m
Rayo Majadahonda 2.46
Draw 2.90
Numancia 3.05
Handball - Spanish Liga ASOBAL
3h 53m
Alcobendas 6.75
Ademar 1.11
Volleyball - Russian Super League Women
4h 53m
Uralochka (w) 1.04
Metar Chelyabinsk (w) 9.00
Basketball - VTB United League
4h 53m
BC Parma Perm 1.51
BC Minsk 2006 2.56
Tennis - Challenger Lille
6h 53m
Gregoire Barrere 2.00
Yannick Maden 1.77
Rugby Union - Gallagher Premiership
7h 53m
Exeter Chiefs 1.17
Bath 5.10


  1. These Promotional Terms And Conditions shall be the principal document which sets the policies and rules concerning all our Promotional Offers, Bonus Bets, Deposit Match, Loyalty Bonus and all other offers (hereby collectively referred to as the "Promotional Offers") which we may provide or release to you.
  2. These Promotional Terms And Conditions are understood to be in addition to any other agreements or contracts, including the principal Terms And Conditions of our services, our betting rules, racing and sports betting policies, and all other regulations or policies which may be contained in other agreements and obligations which you may have with us.
  3. By participating in any of our Promotional Offers, in any form or manner, or even by merely accepting any prizes, rewards, or benefits from any of our Promotional Offers, you hereby agree to be automatically bound by these Terms And Conditions. You acknowledge that your agreement to be automatically bound by these Terms And Conditions also includes your automatic consent to be bound by any rules or policies concerning particular eligibility requirements for our respective Promotional Offers.
  4. You hereby agree that any and all references to certain times shall be understood to pertain to Australian eastern Daylight Time, and that any amounts which may be involved in our offers shall be construed to refer to Australian Dollars, unless it is explicitly indicated that another currency is involved.


  1. Participation in any of our Promotional Offers, including the mere acceptance of any benefit from our Promotional Offers, requires that you have fully agreed with these Promotional Terms And Conditions beforehand, as well as your strict compliance with any eligibility requirements imposed or contained herein, or which may be contained in associated documents such as the respective Terms And Conditions of our betting platforms, or the particular and specific Terms And Conditions of a particular promotion.
  2. As you open your account with us for the first time, you are given the eligibility to either claim a Deposit Match or First Bet Match (subject to your satisfaction of and compliance with all required Terms And Conditions involving such). You will be eligible to register or include only one particular Deposit Match per Account, address, household, residence, payment method, mobile device, computer, internet connection
  3. We hereby emphasize that you are only eligible for only either one (1) Deposit Match, In its sole discretion, we may implement and include Bonus Bets with our Deposit Matches, or even our other Promotional Offers.
  4. While we retain the sole discretion, and in some circumstances, may even give you more than one (1) available Promotional Offer within a single day, however, you are only entitled to redeem only one of these. You also hereby acknowledge and agree that any offers given to you are exclusive to you alone, and is not transferable or conveyable in any form or manner.   It is a further requirement that the indicated name in your deposit and payment method with us should match the name of your Account; otherwise, and in our sole discretion, we reserve the right to consider you ineligible for any of our Promotional Offers, and even render completely void your participation in of our Promotional Offers should participation have already commenced in any way.
  5. Any type of participation for our Promotional Offers requires a minimum cash deposit on your part with your respective account with us, and you hereby agree that the required amount of the said minimum cash deposit shall be set by us. Furthermore, this indicated deposit should only be coursed and done through our permissible deposit and payment methods (including but not exclusive to credit cards, bank deposit, electronic funds transfer, Poli.) All promotional offers are for recreational clients only.
  6. We shall not accept the transfer of deposit funds from one account in our system to another.
  7. At the present, our Promotional Offers are only eligible or valid for Australian residents. In our sole discretion, residents of Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales may be ineligible to participate in Deposit Matches, or any of our Promotional Offers - the only possible exception to this is, if in our sole discretion, the material accounts were opened before receiving notifications concerning the offer involved, or prior to the offer being advertised. For residents of Queensland, they are also ineligible, in our sole discretion, to be involved in some Promotional Offers. We highly encourage you to first read the terms of our offers for particular mechanics.
  8. At all times, our Promotional Offers are only valid and available for recreational gamblers who will participate in our Promotional Offers without any fraudulent intent, and who will join without any deceitful purposes. Also, our Promotional Offers are not available, and shall be automatically void for professional gamblers. You agree that the determination, definition, and final assessment as to whether a particular member our account should fall under the status of a recreational gambler or a professional gambler, shall be exclusively ours. You agree we may remove your ability to participate in promotions at any time.


  1. These minimum turnover requirements are applicable to all our Promotional Offers, and should be strictly complied with before you can withdraw any winnings. As a general policy, and unless it is otherwise stated, all minimum turnover requirements must be complied with, and must be turned over on events with a dividend of greater than or equal to $1.50 per $1 from your balance strictly within 90 days, and prior to any withdrawals of bonus bets, or winnings in connection or resulting from a Bonus Bet.
  2. You are required to have at least turned over any cash deposits at least once on events with a dividend of greater than or equal to $1.50 per $1 before you can withdraw from your account. In this regard, you agree that the amount of a wagered Bonus Bet shall not be considered when counting minimum turnover requirements.
  3. For Bonus Bets and winnings coming from Deposit Matches, Welcome Bonuses and Loyalty Bonuses the minimum turnover requirements is two (2) times.  As for all other Bonus Bets and winnings, and unless stated otherwise to the contrary, the minimum turnover requirement is one time (1x) When counting the minimum turnover requirements, only the first stake for any event shall be counted. All subsequent bets shall not be considered or counted when considering minimum turnover requirements.
  4. You agree that we may cancel and forfeit all winnings from a Bonus Bet, and your Bonus Bet Balance, if you fail to meet the minimum turnover requirements. We also require all minimum turnover requirements to be strictly met before you can make any withdrawals from your account.
  5. In order to avail the Deposit Match coupon, you must first make your initial cash deposit to your account, upon which we will match your initial deposit with a Bonus Bet coupon equal to the value of your first deposit, or to the maximum allowable amount by the offer, once you have redeemed your Deposit Match coupon. Multipliers may be applicable, subject to the terms of the promotion, and the material coupon or offer details as they are released. For the Deposit Match Coupon, your Bonus Bet coupon will be given to you upon receipt of clear funds into your Account. Original Deposit value for all bonus bets needs to be turned over once at minimum odds of $1.50.


  1. Any bonuses provided by Mad Bookie referred to as a 'loyalty bonus' are done so at the sole discretion of Mad Bookie. Any winnings from these bonuses must be turned over three times at minimum odds of $1.50 BONUS BETS.
  2. Bonus Bets, in our sole discretion, will normally be credited to your Account within 24 hours, unless we specify different terms or time periods within which you can accept your Bonus Bets.
  3. You hereby agree that using Bonus Bets, or any part of a Bonus Bet in connection with a "no loss wagering proposition; is strictly void and prohibited in our platform. The definition of a "No loss wagering promotion depends on our sole discretion and policy, and always includes bets placed on all probable outcomes of an event, equal or zero margin bets, and acts of hedge betting. Any Bonus Bets conducted or wagered as described in the foregoing shall be considered as irregular bets, and will be immediately forfeited in our favour. You agree that you must use or consume your Bonus Bet as a single bet, and that only one Bonus Bet can be redeemed per event.
  4. Shall you decide to make a withdrawal from your Account prior to the consumption of your Bonus Bets, you hereby agree that we may forfeit your Bonus Bets without any resulting liability to us. Moreover, should you make a withdrawal from your account prior to complying with any material minimum turnover requirements, you agree that if in case we honour your withdrawal despite your non compliance, you however completely authorize us to remove and forfeit and winnings coming from or in connection with your Bonus Bet, or even the full amount of your Bonus Bet.
  5. If your Bonus Bet results in a payment of dividends, then these respective winnings (minus the stake amount) shall be placed on your Account.


  1. Should we at any time discover or determine, in our sole discretion, that you suffer from any issues concerning your eligibility to join any of our Promotional Offers, or have breached these Terms And Conditions, or any of our Terms And Conditions located in any of our Services, or have abused our Promotional Offers, we hereby reserve the right to restrict your participation in any of our Promotional Offers, or even cancel or forfeit any of your bets, participation, funds, deposit, or winnings should you have already participated.
  2. Irregular bets and irregular betting patterns may include, but are not limited to, placing bets on all probable outcomes of an event, hedge betting, placing single bets using your entire Account balance on a single bet where the majority of your Account balance is derived from Promotional Offers.
  3. In our sole discretion, we may also consider any type of betting activity as irregular as we see fit. You agree that should you opt for a withdrawal where you have used or availed of a Promotional Offer, we can fully review your account for any incidents of irregular betting patterns or bets. Should we determine that you engaged in irregular betting, or an irregular betting pattern, in our sole discretion, you agree that we may prevent you from withdrawing from your account.
  4. You agree that for all incidents where we determine, in our sole discretion, that you have made an irregular bet or an irregular betting pattern, we can immediately forfeit any of your bet and winnings, and consider your bets void.


  1. Bonus bets can only be used as per the following:
    a) On selected markets only;
    b) On single bets only;
    c) Maximum bonus stake per wager is $250;
    d) The full amount of the Bonus may not be varied, redeemed for cash or transferred between TopBetta accounts.
    e) Bonus betting credit is valid for 30 days from the time it was credited unless otherwise stated under specific promotion terms & conditions published on the website on the “promotions” page. If the bonus has not been used in the specified period it will become void and not be able to be redeemed.
    Bonus bets offers are not available to NSW, VIC, SA and WA clients. Bonus Bets and/or Promotions are applied at Mad Bookie’s absolute discretion. Bonus Bets cannot be used on Sporting events.
  2. Our Promotional Offers can normally be claimed if you enter the corresponding code which may be given by your Account in the respective code prompt in our betting platforms, or wherever indicated. At all times, we retain the discretion to amend these terms, the terms of each Promotional Offer, or even to modify, revoke, or suspend any Promotional Offer, without the need of any particular justification or prior notification to you.
  3. Apart from this, you also hereby agree that we may keep the records, the database, and any of your results or information in connection with or arising from our Promotional Offers for up to 2 years from the time the Promotional Offer results have been determined and released.
  4. You also agree that should have any disputes concerning any of our Promotional Offers, you will undergo the dispute resolution policy as may be set by our website. You hereby agree that our decision concerning any disputes for our Promotional Offers shall be final and incontestable, and you further agree that you shall not escalate this matter in any third party forum or jurisdictions.


  1. You hereby agree that the terms and provisions contained in this Promotional Terms And Conditions is severable from each other, in such a manner that if a particular provision or term is found to be void or unenforceable by a Court of competent jurisdiction for any reason, the remaining terms and provisions shall remain in full force and effect regardless of the ineffective provisions and terms.